Meet the CEO : Dominique Tate
Queen of Beau(as in Beauty) is a Detroit Based Black owned business. Remaining on the cutting edge of pushing the culture forward. Innovating wig styles, hair replacements, products and more. A breath of Fresh Air to the Hair Industry specializing in good quality Hair and Experiences. Founded by a young entrepreneur by the name of Dominique Tate. With a knack for Beauty & Fashion and knowing what’s next Queen of Beau continues to thrive and flourish with an ultimate end goal of Making people beautiful & Confident.

"Since a child I've been obsessed with art and creating, most importantly Ive always wanted to be a hairstylist. Somehow the 2 got combined and this Craft & Experience was created which now is apart of me. The absolute most best part of this journey is seeing my customers faces, the joy and excitement of them being satisfied. Giving women the confidence they deserve. WE ALL ARE QUEENS. AND ITS TIME TO LIVE IN THAT CROWN AS SUCH. Signed,Queen of Beau"

Queen of Beau is not just a wig business, it is a New Upcoming Brand supporting woman empowerment 100%. Woman are the worlds most powerful beings and there is no limit to the things we want and can do. Know your worth and who you are!! It is important to tap into your true self and Character to be the woman you are truly meant to be. Always aim and vibrate higher and most importantly believe it yourself!

Thank you for your support & being apart of this experience.

Happy Shopping Beauties.